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NWA 2009 Hall of Fame

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After beginning his athletic career as a running back at the university of Tampa where he gained over 2000 all purpose yards during his playing career, Orndorff was a 12th round selection in the 1973 NFL Draft. After a brief stint in professional football Orndorff turned to pro wrestling.  

Paul Orndorff began his career in Mid-Southern Wrestling feuding with a young Jerry Lawler and won his first championship with a victory over Lawler. From 1977 through 1982 Orndorff made a huge name for himself in the National Wrestling Alliance capturing the NWA World Tag Team Titles with partner Jimmy Snuka, feuding with The Masked Superstar and feuds with Buzz Sawyer and Ric Flair.

Orndorff is perhaps best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation where he and Rowdy Piper co-starred in the main event of the first Wrestlemania against Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. A former 4 time NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Paul Orndorff embodied what a true NWA Wrestling Legend should be. He joined the National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame in 2009.



A longtime NWA Promoter in New Jersey and former President of the National Wrestling Alliance. Coralluzzo had been a fixture of New Jersey wrestling going back more than a decade. After dabbling as a photographer, his first involvement in the business came in assisting in the promotion of WCW shows in Mt. Holly, NJ, in the mid-1980's.

At one point, Coralluzzo was the highest profile independent promoter in the country. He was one of the first guys to book Sabu regularly in the Northeast. He was the first to get behind Chris Candido and give him a push, and after Chris Benoit's weak mid-card run teaming with Bobby Eaton in WCW in 1993, Coralluzzo booked him and spotlighted him, putting him in matches with Terry Funk and Sabu in Woodbury, NJ, presenting Benoit with a springboard to bigger opportunities. 

During the down years of the National Wrestling Alliance after the WCW and ECW splits, Coralluzzo was the glue that held the NWA together. He kept the NWA name alive through his New Jersey and Pennsylvania indy shows and after he worked out a deal with the WWF to get the NWA on their television in an angle in early 1998, membership in the Alliance swelled, to as many as twenty-six members at one point.

Coralluzzo passed away in 2001 but his memory lives on in the minds of east coast wrestling fans, wrestlers and promoters.



The Co-founder and former part owner of NWA TNA, Jarrett was a promoter and wrestler who grew up with professional wrestling in his blood. Jarrett began promoting wrestling in his early teenage years and successfully opened multiple wrestling promotions throughout his career including Mid-Southern Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling and of course NWA Total Non-Stop Action which became Impact Wrestling.

Jarrett was inducted into Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1994 and joins the NWA Hall of Fame class of 2009.




Mil Máscaras


One of the founding fathers of the Lucha Libre tradition in Mexico, Mil Mascaras is considered to be one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. Mascaras has enhanced and popularized the Lucha Libre style around the world both in the ring and as the star of over 20 films. He is also an accomplished artist and cultural ambassador from his native country and has appeared on three of its postage stamps. 


Mil Máscaras made his professional wrestling debut in April 1965 in Guadalajara. He became popular in Mexico for being one of the best-conditioned luchadores in the heavyweight division. It was also his size which permitted him to wrestle in the US and Japan under the heavyweight division. Máscaras was one of the first masked luchadores outside of Mexico to serve as a heroic figure to wrestling fans. He rarely resorted to rule breaking, instead relying on his repertoire of moves and counter-moves.


In 1975 Mil Máscaras was named the most popular wrestler in the world by PWI, and he is considered one of the most popular figures in wrestling history.




He billed himself as “Canada’s Greatest Athlete”, and as it turns out for most of his career he was that and then some. Kiniski was one of the first World Heavyweight Champions to have a background in football.   Over his career he would battle other legends like Lou Thesz, Abdullah the Butcher, Haystacks Calhoun, Johnny Valentine, Bill Watts, Pat O’Connor and the Funks.  

Kiniski held NWA titles from Hawaii to California, from Los Angeles to Canada and everywhere in between. Gene Kiniski also held the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship for a remarkable 1131 days.

One of the great grapplers of his time, Gene Kiniski could easily sit on the Mount Rushmore of the National Wrestling Alliance. He took his rightful place in the Hall of Fame in the class of 2009.







An original member of the Four Horsemen and a former, NWA National Heavyweight Champion, NWA Television Champion, NWA United States Heavyweight Champion, and multi-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, Tully Blanchard was one of the most dominant forces in professional wrestling during his career.

Blanchard and his tag team partner left for the World Wrestling Federation and won the WWF World Tag Team Titles in 1989 defeating Demolition and ending their historic reign as champions.




The only man to have been inducted into the NWA, WWE, WCW, Hardcore, Wrestling Observer and St. Louis Wrestling Halls of Fame. Terry Funk has been competing in a Professional Wrestling ring since 1965. A member of the legendary Funk Wrestling Family, Terry quickly rose to stardom in the 1970’s when he defeated Jack Brisco for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1975. His title reign would last 14 months and end at the hands of Harley Race. Funks contributions to Professional Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance and Extreme Championship Wrestling are immeasurable.

Known around the world as the Hardcore Icon, there’s only one Terry Funk.